We’ve heard your feedback on RubiCon recordings – you want them! Not everyone can attend the lectures, so every paid registrant will receive a recording of the lecture after the lecture whether or not they attend the talk.

Purchase Past Recordings

NEW! Missed a RubiCon event? Now you can purchase recordings from previous talks for 20 USD per recording. We usually post them a month after the talk was given live.

All recordings are audio-visual (mp4 format). After checking out from PayPal, click the yellow “RubiCon” button to be redirected to the payment confirmation and link download page. You will also receive a download link via email.

April Elliott Kent: The Curious Case of the Void of Course Moon: Dead Zones or Moments of Truth?

Austin Coppock: Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

Benjamin Dykes, Ph.D.: Saturn in Traditional Mundane Astrology

Bill Meridian: Mundane Forecasting with Eclipses

Christopher Renstrom: The Problem of the Gay Signature

Frank Clifford: Sequential Conjunctions

Ian Waisler: Numbers, Bodies, and Stars

Jenn Zahrt, Ph.D.: Towards a Posthumous Astrology or Astrology of the Afterlife

Joy Usher: Iron-Fisted Saturn

Kelly Surtees: The Progressed Chart OR How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Lee Lehman, Ph.D.: Job and Business Horaries

Linea Van Horn: The Standstill Cycle of the Moon

Mark Wolz: Foretelling: How to Make Safe, Reliable, and Helpful Predictions

Nicola Smuts-Allsop: Sex, Pregnancy, and Other Urban Myths

Nina Gryphon: Practical Fixed Stars

Nina Gryphon: Solar and Lunar Returns Predict Your Year

Patrick Watson: Forecasting with Planetary Cycle Affinity

Ryhan Butler: Directions of Life

Sandra-Leigh Serio: The Art of Secondary Progressions

Wade Caves: Timing in Horary Astrology


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