Our May 7th* RubiCon should really have been titled: “Caution: Intense Topics!” Armand Diaz, Ph.D., starts us off with “Mars, the Forgotten Planet in Relationships.” Mars rarely stays forgotten for long, which is why we have another Mars-themed talk by Gary P. Caton: “Secrets of the Mars Rx Loops.” On May 7th,┬áMars will be retrograde specially for Gary’s talk, just to show off. Nadiya Shah will teach “Karma and Love: The Nodes in Relationship Astrology.” Speaking of heavy and intense topics, we are pleased to have Baris Ilhan teaching from Istanbul via the magic of technology on “The Fourth House: Our Grave or Treasure?Register here; each talk is just $20.

*RubiCon VI is on Saturday instead of our usual Sunday, to avoid conflict with Mother’s Day in the U.S.