I am very pleased to announce RubiCon V on Sunday, April 3 (register here). Our theme will be prediction, a topic near and dear to my heart. Writer and speaker April Elliott Kent will talk on the meanings of the void-of-course Moon, while the renowned traditionalist Lee Lehman, Ph.D. will demonstrate her technique with job and business horary charts. For those wanting to learn about the math and practical uses of secondary progressions, Sandra-Leigh Serio has you covered. Rounding out this lineup of stellar speakers is Mark Wolz, who will teach the methodology and purpose of predicting. You can find more detailed talk descriptions and bios here. It promises to be an exciting set of talks; register soon, as space is limited. See you there!

Your astro-weather for RubiCon V: in ♈, 🌒 in♒ sextile ☿ in ♈.