Given for RubiCon on November 1, 2015.

Talk Description:

November 2015 marks the Minor Standstill of the Moon as the North Node reaches 0 Libra. Well known to ancients and included in alignments at sacred sites worldwide, the very visual yet little known Standstill Cycle of the Moon reaches an important turning point, similar in functioning to the solar solstices, but far less frequent. Explore this fascinating 18.6 year cycle, its role in history, what it means and what comes next in 2024.

Speaker Bio:

Linea Van Horn, C.A., NCGR, is the Astrologer at Large. A professional astrologer since 1998, her career centers on teaching, client work and community building. She is founder and past President of the San Francisco Astrological Society, has served on NCGR boards, and spearheaded the West Coast Astrology Groups coalition in 2012. Linea was employed in the astrology internet industry from 1998 – 2009. A published writer, respected teacher and a lively, popular presenter, she now devotes herself to client work, teaching, mentoring, writing, lecturing and networking in the San Francisco Bay Area. Member of AFAN, ISAR and OPA. Linea’s website is

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