Given for RubiCon on November 1, 2016.

Talk Description:

Permanent change is possible and astrologers know how to time profound turning points through your secondary progressions. By exploring the progressed chart you’ll learn how to forecast significant and lasting change. The movement of your progressed planets describes shifts within your personality, and in your outer life. What happens when your progressed Sun, Mercury, Mars or Venus change signs? How do their aspects – to other planets or fixed stars – reveal new possibilities?

Speaker Bio:

Kelly is an astrologer, teacher, writer and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 15 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm and insightful. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include predictive astrology and incorporating traditional concepts. She regularly lectures in the US, Canada and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada. W:

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