Given for RubiCon on December 6, 2015.

Talk Description:

When folks say: “I don’t have any Scorpio in my chart,” I reply, “We all have Scorpio in our charts.” We each have our whole chart, with broad ranges of relational and sexual possibility written into them, just like our bodies. Using the simplicity of number, and our immanent embodiment, we will reconsider our natal aspects. Re-introduce yourself to a whole spectrum of relating in this beginner’s guide to dispelling the binary.

Speaker Bio:

Ian Waisler launched the Queer Astrology Conferences, and is President of the San Francisco Astrological Society. He has been teaching Integral Yoga since 2003, and keeps busy teaching astrology and earth-based ritual skills in the SF Bay. His studies include linguistics, Alexander Technique, popular music, and the elements of magic. His consulting practice includes a hands on component, foregrounding the quiet and deep of the body, alongside the more commonly accessed verbal. Born 20 April 1975 at 14:00 in Los Angeles, his fixity is formidable. Visit:

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