Given for RubiCon on November 1, 2016.

Talk Description:

Today, Frank will introduce a powerful yet simple interpretation technique that he developed for natal chart readings: When interpreting conjunctions, look to the *sequence* of the planets involved. Although the planetary combination is always the key factor, the order in which the two planets appear in the zodiac says much about how this pattern arises and unfolds in both the life and character. Bring your charts and we’ll discuss your conjunctions.

Speaker Bio:

Frank Clifford is the author of ‘Getting to the Heart of Your Chart: Playing Astrological Detective’ (Flare, 2012) and ‘Palmistry 4 Today’ (Random House, 2002; new edition: Flare, 2009). His new book, ‘Horoscope Snapshots’ (Flare, 2014), is a collection of essays in modern astrology from TMA and other magazines. Frank has guest edited ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ five times and runs The London School of Astrology (, which will offer online courses in 2016. Frank’s website can be found at

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