Presented for RubiCon on December 6, 2015.

Talk Description:

A critical reflection on the astrological techniques used to assess romantic relationships, and their entanglement with culturally-bounded ideas about partnership.

Speaker Bio:

Austin Coppock is a writer and astrologer based in Los Angeles. His approach to astrology is rooted in history and tradition, yet open to contemporary developments and concerns. Austin’s work also encompasses the critical and often ignored overlap between astrology and magical traditions, such as Hermeticism. He has written extensively on astrology, including hundreds of weekly columns, dozens of articles, and Astrological Almanacs for 2011-2015. His writing has been featured by such publications as The Mountain Astrologer and the CLAVIS Journal. His groundbreaking work on the decans, “36 Faces,” was published by Three Hands Press in 2014. Austin gives public lectures regularly, and has appeared at such events as the Esoteric Book Conference, the Northwestern Astrology Conference and the Denver Tarotcon.

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